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Microcement is a two-component system composed of a polymer and a special cement mixture for everyone looking for smooth floors without structural dilatation joints.


Thanks to its extraordinary adhesion properties it might be used on a wide variety of surfaces and will bond easily to cement grout, ceramic tiles, OSB boards, among others. It is an innovative product suitable for all kind of environments. Microcement is a perfect choice for any renovation or can be used to finish the existing surface of new build construction. It quickly covers unsightly joints and fissice offering a tasteful high class and practical solution to transforming large surfaces such as walls, floors, stairs, ceilings, kitchens, bathrooms, showers, wet rooms and swimming pools.


We have always focused on quality and innovation, and these are our brand differentiators and microcement is our flagship product which is quickly gaining popularity among architects, interior designers and installers. Contact us and become our customer today to start enjoying our product portfolio.


Microcement is a highly resistant and versatile professional product. Microcement can be tinted to a variety of colors to express an individual design. It offers a wide array of finishes adapted to every taste. In addition to offering visual elegance, beton cire is easy to extremely hygienic and easy to maintain as it prevents from the formation of dirt or microorganisms on its surface. Enjoy now your new, unique, modern and stylish microcement floor!


Give new life to your old furniture and coat it with microcement! Microcement can be used on dining room tables, nightstands, cupboards, kitchen countertops and even doors. The system is finished with a top coat sealer available in mat, satin and glossy to give it stain and water resistance.


We invite you to explore our microcement  world where less is more.


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