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photo by: Nick Merzetti @merzetti


Artisan +

Alejandro has been providing unique, innovative and functional high-end interior and exterior applications individually tailored to our clients’ personality and vision.

Interior Wall Designs is one of the best artisanal fine and architectural finishing company around.

Bolstered by a trade history spanning over 400 years, a tenacious passion for quality, and a continuous propensity to invest in the future, the company’s policy is based on four main pillars:

- the value of tradition, handed down by generations of the Diaz family;

- love for quality, cultivated by specialized workers, an unparalleled knowledge of the product, and constant attention to customer needs;

- ethical and unethical conduct, put into practice through respect for the rights of employees and collaborators, loyalty to commitments made with customers and suppliers, and support for the local territory;

- investment in innovation, supported by the continuous upgrading of production processes, the development of new technologies, and ongoing training.

video by: Shayne Gray @shaynegrayphotography


Foundation +

Interior Wall Designs was forged in Venice, Italy 1998. In 2010 we expanded to Miami bringing our special wall textures and Italian finishes abroad, in the last decade our family has expanded through USA and Canada currently located in Toronto.
Our work has become part of many residential and commercial projects, we thank our family of clients who have made it all possible, we will always be thankful and loyal to those who keep our trade and traditions alive.

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