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We find the right application on all architectural and interior design projects.




Interior Wall Designs has connections with world leading qualified technicians in the field of functional high-end wall coatings and finishes.




Product Qualities:

  • Organic raw materials

  • environmentally Sustainability

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Breathable

  • Moisture wicking

  • Humidity regulating

  • Waterproof and/or water resistant

  • Fire retardant

  • Crack resistant

  • Anti-mould, mildew and bacteria

Using these products, techniques

and expertise our company can

create endless wall textures and

decorative effects in any space on

virtually any surface taking into account textiles, existing renders, using colour psychology, space, light, heights among other elements that make up a space and contribute to the ambiance.

These products and techniques have been used for centuries, anywhere from building purposes to now compliment the interior design of a building, whether it’s old world traditional, contemporary design, green designs, chic or modern or even used in listed buildings for restoration.


It’s popular, not only for the striking and luxurious effect that it gives, but also because lime based plasters top coats and tints are made with less or non harmful chemicals, which makes it hypoallergenic, as well as mould and algae resistant, not to mention the fact that they can also regulate humidity.


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